Nimad Azargan

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Nimad Azargan is born on January 22nd, 1983 in Tehran, Iran. He has left Tehran in his youth and moved to the north of Iran. At the age of twenty, he entered the school of Architecture but he dropped out after two years. Because of his interest in the arts of painting and writing, he self-taught himself in these fields. He has not benefited from teachings of art masters and as he says himself "All I have learned, I’ve learned on my own". Azargan’s first individual exhibition was held in 2015 in Aliha Gallery titled “The Sonata of a Lemony Afternoon”, and after that, he participated in three group exhibition in the same Gallery. He also participated the exhibition of selected two years’ artworks of The International Festival of Visual Arts at the Academy of Art and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. After trial and error experiences, Azargan chose digital painting as his main field and now he has his feet firm on this style.

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