The Hamfekr Event 

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The Hamfekr Event will be held on Wednesday 28th Oct 2015 at Aliha Gallery which also works as the Honargardi’s secretariat, from 6 to 8 pm.

Hamfekr is a contact center event. In this 2 hour-event, some of the participants share their new ideas on any startup projects; some will find new members for their team and others receive suggestions for their newly built professions.  For many, Hamfekr sparked the first acquaintance, and the emergence of a start-up team has been formed. This time Honargardi has the opportunity to invite artists, art lovers and all those creative new idea in their heads, to participate in this important event. The purpose of this meeting is to familiarize businesses with the idea of young artists in the field of art and help them to deliver minds objectively. In this regard, Honargardi, itself a good example of a successful start-up in the field of visual arts, will use all his efforts to help enthusiasts.


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